How to determine what head unit ( missing ) would work the sirens ( still in place)?

This section is for discussion of OEM police package options and police equipment for the Caprice (both OEM and after-market), as well as after-market upfitting perfomed on our cars.
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Re: How to determine what head unit ( missing ) would work the sirens ( still in place)?

Post by elc32955 » Mon Sep 07, 2020 11:01 pm

My car had a speaker left over from the original installation as well as some cable harness components that were left in place. They were for a Whelen hand-held siren controller (control and trunk electronics box pulled when the car was decommissioned). I went behind them and pulled all the original spaghetti out (there's a thread somewhere in the early days of the board with pics that show the left-behind stuff). In it's place I installed a Whelen Alpha-12Q 100-watt trunk amp (a very rare bird - now COMPLETELY unobtainium!) just so I could have air horn function through the existing speaker while I had the car opened up for wire running, along with installing a push switch on the console. Power was on to the amp whenever the ignition was on.

The blithering idiot volunteers that run Turkey Rod Run threw my car out of the 2014 Daytona Spring Fling at the Daytona Speedway when I was convoying in with the rest of GOFASST as they felt it was not unique. At that time it was one of like 5 Caprices in private ownership in Florida, and coincidentally right after the premier for the Chevrolet SS was announced, at Daytona, by General Motors. They yanked me out of line and had the balls to say there was nothing special about the Caprice, it was just another 4 door sedan, and if it was a police package car, where was my siren? Not withstanding that they let a bunch of other 4 door grocery getter sedans in being driven by family of displaying car owners (not the display cars). I couldn't give them any tones so they kicked my car right off the property. In front of my entire club, which I happened to be a coordinator of at the time. So, I thought after that debacle.... "Fine. The Gomers want a siren, I'll stick a unit in!". I haven't been back to the track up there since.

I left the whole setup intact when I sold the car for the new owner to enjoy.

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