Advise on cams - Caprice 2013 SS...

Tech discussions on the L77 6.0L V8.
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Advise on cams - Caprice 2013 SS...

Post by laz1982 » Thu Feb 23, 2017 7:46 am

hey guys, I need an advise from experts which cam shall I go for.

I have the Caprice 2014 SS which has the L77 Engine, currently doing 390WHP, full exhaust X-force 2.5 inch, headers 1 3/4 currently having the ZR1 stock Cam.

I have done a small research for the best Cams among the below:
which cam produces the best WHP with the very smooth on idle?

which one produces the best WHP with rough idle?

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Re: Advise on cams - Caprice 2013 SS...

Post by Pursuit » Thu Feb 23, 2017 3:07 pm

It looks like you have the most HP cam on the top and the mildest on the bottom. In the middle you will start to see a rougher idle and the need for a stall converter. I would suggest talking to a tuner that you like and trust. Besides finding a cam, you will need to find a competent tuner that has worked with the cam you choose. If the tuner has worked with that cam they will have at least a baseline knowledge of how to get the performance, idle quality and matching transmission qualities for your choice of cam.
There are lots of opinions when it comes to camshaft drivability and what your expectations are and your considered acceptable/livable daily use. I would take everyone's suggestions, compare what you find here and ask a lot of questions to the cam manufactures and tuners. Then you make the final decision.


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Re: Advise on cams - Caprice 2013 SS...

Post by Silversled » Sat Feb 25, 2017 3:21 pm

What Pursuit said.

However for reference, I'm going with the LS9 cam. The 15 year old in me wants the choppiest cam on the shelf but the 46 year old in me wins by wanting practicality and solid OEM reliability. That means giving up a little HP/TQ with moderate lift cam (easier on valve train) and factory levels of LSA. The LS9 cam is still a great performer and there is lots of practical confirmation out there to OEM stall converter compatibility.

Another factor that wasn't as important to me but many people forget is the large price advantage with going with the LS9 cam. Using the GM blue valve springs, the LS9 setup is about $400 less than a custom cam/high lift valve kit setup.
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Re: Advise on cams - Caprice 2013 SS...

Post by CrashTestDummy » Sat Feb 25, 2017 6:19 pm

I'm sure you're not changing it because of expense, but I can attest to the fun a converter can be, even in a car with a stock cam. In normal driving, the car will seem kind of sluggish, but 1/2+ throttle, and the car really wakes up. Even in heavy cars like B-body GMs and the Caprice.
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