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Intermittent Transmission noise going into R

Posted: Thu Nov 30, 2017 7:36 am
by iefbr14
On occasion, when I move the transmission lever to R, I get a clunk noise, like 2 gears not quite meshing, and then finally coming together. It's not a horrendous noise, but a sharp ear listening for it will hear it.

I have the V6 version, no positraction.

My current dealer does not have a transmission tech; according to the dealer, other heavy line mechanics will attempt to diagnose the problem, and since they don't have a trans tech, the local GM zone manager has authorized crate exchanges of entire transmission assemblies.

My car has 18k miles on it, and right now, the noise is a curiosity; I'm not obsessed with the noise........yet.

However, I am not sure I want to give up my factory new (18k miles) trans for a crate rebuilt one, if they determine that to be the remedy.

Any advice?

Re: Intermittent Transmission noise going into R

Posted: Wed Dec 13, 2017 4:24 am
by CrashTestDummy
Are you sure you don’t have a soft motor mount, and something like the exhaust is hitting the body somewhere??