Non - Asian PPV front brake rotors

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Non - Asian PPV front brake rotors

Post by Navy Lifer » Sun Apr 26, 2020 6:50 pm

This is a somewhat intentional information post, considering the times we live in.

Back in Nov 2013, I posted information about a couple of ways to get GM rotors that are OEM-spec....that term needs a little explanation. There are plenty of rotors offered by ACDelco, but some are OEM service parts, and some are ACDelco "generic" parts. Many/most of the ACDelco generics are also sold by other parts sources - the primary supplier for ACD being Brake Parts Inc (BPI) which also sells under it's own house brand, Raybestos, as well as NAPA, and most likely other brands. The other main supplier in the US market today is Centric, now operating under the APC umbrella - APC is a consolidation of AP Emissions Technology (used to be AP Exhaust Products) and Centric, which is, itself, a fairly recent re-constitution of several different brake and suspension parts suppliers (or what was left of them at the time of acquisition).

At any rate, both BPI & APC primarily supply replacement rotors that are NOT manufactured in North America (USA, Canada, or Mexico).

With that as background, here's the quoted post from Nov 2013, followed by information about a rotor from another source - Brembo - that is another option for a plain-rotor service replacement. I do not have information about where it is manufactured. All of these "OEM" PPV 345mm front rotors do typically cost more, which is understood to take them out of the running for some looking to stretch their dollars. The other side of that is to provide options to allow those who wish to make a statement OR at least be able to disconnect economically from China, that there's another item to add to the mix.

NOTE - I did not update the quoted post, so links may not be working, but the information is accurate. Read to the end for the new info about the Brembo rotor option.
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Fri Nov 08, 2013 2:42 pm
elc32955 wrote:....going by your 15K wear figures x2 (for my 30K miles) I may possibly need both pads and rotors when I do brakes soon.
Here's an interesting bit of information....the OE PPV front rotor and CTS J55 (V6 HD) front rotor are the same part, even though they have different part numbers. The PPV rotor package is labeled "Made in Australia" and the CTS rotor package is labeled "Made in Mexico". From comparing the actual parts, they are exactly the same part in every way, and both appear to me to be sourced from NA - Mexico. in spite of the PPV rotor package labeling--maybe that refers to the box or label!!!

Part Numbers:
Cadillac CTS J55
ACDelco 177-1065
GM 25946317

Chevrolet Caprice PPV
ACDelco 177-1122
GM 92260109

Pricing (GM Parts Direct & Rock Auto comparisons) - need to check with Dal, too.
Cadillac CTS J55
GMPD $86.95 each - delivered (outside NC)
R.A. $65.17 (before shipping or discount)

Chevrolet Caprice PPV
GMPD $94.79 each - delivered (outside NC)
R.A. $93.79 each (before shipping or discount)

All this is for reference, as there are plenty of other suppliers of replacement rotors listed at Rock Auto, for less money. The only caution I would mention is that many of the generic suppliers play fast & loose with the's a "for example" story:

I was contacted by a TBSS owner who was having front brake issues. The TBSS used a larger front rotor and twin-piston caliper similar to the C6 Corvette. Looking at Rock Auto, there were plenty of rotors that fit the vehicle, but when I was able to compare the OE-spec HD rotor that was unique to the TBSS with the standard TrailBlazer large diameter rotor (same specs--fit, form, function), and aftermarket generics, it turned out that the OE-spec TBSS rotor was heavier than every other variant, and the one noticeable difference was that it had a greater number of vanes, which explains the greater mass.

I don't know that the same issue could apply with the CTS/PPV rotor being discussed here, compared to aftermarket versions, but I mention this as a caution, just in case buying on price is more important than using the OE part. You may get what you pay for....

Finally, in an effort to get better rotors for PPV, I approached my contact at DBA (Disc Brakes Australia) some months ago. The development of an application takes time, and whenever the contact is made within 6 months of SEMA (which ends today), new products will generally not surface until some point after early November of each year. I was told we ought to see the DBA heavy duty Police Pursuit Series rotor for PPV early next year. How ironic that here's a car built in Australia, but there's been no effort to provide a DBA rotor for it until now!" onclick=";return false;

In fact, go to the DBA USA Facebook page and leave an inquiry about when they will have PPV rotors available:" onclick=";return false;
I wanted to update this post and give the topic a separate thread on this Forum.

From a recent inquiry about brake servicing from a Forum member, I ran across another front rotor source that is not (probably) a China-sourced product, as are so many today. The actual part is not listed as fitting PPV, but it is listed for replacement on the Cadillac CTS J55 brakes mentioned above, thus it will also fit PPV with stock calipers or the Brembo Alpha platform (Gen 6 Camaro SS) calipers. ... hd-brakesn ... 44&jsn=263

Brembo sells direct (first link) with free shipping.

The second link shows that Rock Auto does recognize the Brembo rotor - there was no inventory info and no price shown, so I have no way to compare with Brembo's sell-direct price.

Finally, to be clear (if you're read this far), all rotors mentioned outside of the DBA rotors in the quoted information are PLAIN - while I have used slotted rotors on occasion, I do recommend the use of plain rotors in most situations for best performance & durability.

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Re: Non - Asian PPV front brake rotors

Post by Mooseman » Sun Apr 26, 2020 7:53 pm

Interesting however, how do you know they are actually made ABC (anywhere but China)? Looking at Brembo's corporate site, they do have two manufacturing sites in China, as well as one in the US and Mexico.

Don't know why there's such a pushback on using rotors from China. I've been using ACDelco with excellent results. Like anything, you get what you pay for. If you buy cheap Chinese rotors from eBay, well, you get whatever slag they had available to make them. Rotors haven't been produced in North America for years ever since the last foundry in Canada was sold and carted off to China in the 90's so if Brembo are actually producing rotors in the US, it must be fairly recent.
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Re: Non - Asian PPV front brake rotors

Post by Pursuit » Sun Apr 26, 2020 8:28 pm

Way back when I did my Brembo brake upgrade, The ACDelco 177-1050 rotors were Brembos, made in Italy... ... mbo#p12979

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Re: Non - Asian PPV front brake rotors

Post by Navy Lifer » Mon Apr 27, 2020 4:04 am

Mooseman wrote:
Sun Apr 26, 2020 7:53 pm
Interesting however, how do you know they are actually made ABC (anywhere but China)? Looking at Brembo's corporate site, they do have two manufacturing sites in China, as well as one in the US and Mexico.
Perhaps not Canada, however Mexico is also NA.

I'm simply looking at this from the perspective of an owner that might wish, when possible, to buy products that are not sourced from China, for various reasons. You are also correct in the multiple source possibilities, which I acknowledged when I stated that I had no information to indicate whether the Brembo rotors presented for information purposes were confirmed as to origin--and it would not surprise me to learn that they originate in China. I have used Brembo brake pads that are from China, and I am aware that a number of GM Brembo OEM calipers (service replacements and likely production) also originate in China.

It may be a complete sham, depending on how GM labels a part, as to where it originated - the same situation may easily apply to the 2 OEM service rotors from my original post, for PPV & CTS J55 - much as it disappoints me to acknowledge it.

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