Steering Wheel Shake

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Re: Steering Wheel Shake

Post by Mooseman » Fri Jul 17, 2020 2:12 pm

May sound a bit old timey but try to find a shop that does on-car wheel balancing. They would spin the wheels on the car with a mechanism attached to the wheel that give the amount of imbalance and where. This would balance the entire assembly together (tires, wheels, rotors). The front are doable this way but the rears, because of the LS diff, isn't but that's not where the problem is.
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Re: Steering Wheel Shake

Post by E142631 » Thu Aug 20, 2020 6:44 am

Update the car now has a new steering rack being the last piece of the puzzle everything in the front end is brand new now. This did not solve the issue....The car is at the alignment shop and they are keeping it for a few days to try and figure out what is going on. They told me they did a re balance of the front wheels and an alignment the car drove perfectly for them.....they let it sit till next morning and bam same problem steering wheel shake above 55mph which is the same issue I had, some days the car will shake some days it doesn't no idea why. I'm lost now so we will see what they find. To my knowledge this car has never been wrecked.

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Re: Steering Wheel Shake

Post by CrashTestDummy » Thu Aug 20, 2020 1:38 pm

Sounds like your tires might be flat-spotting in the overnight sit, and you're sensing that. Could be a combination of a broken cord in the carcass and the weight of the car sitting on that spot overnight to exascerbate that feeling. I'd expect the only way to fix that would be to try a different brand of tires.

WHAT are the alignment settings the shop is using on your car?
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Re: Steering Wheel Shake

Post by E142631 » Fri Aug 21, 2020 2:49 am

So the alignment shop basically gave up and told me they couldn't figure it out. They even swapped a known good set of tires and wheels on the car and still had vibration above 55mph.

Camber LEFT 0.1 RIGHT 0.0
Caster 6.0 5.9
Toe 0.05 0.06
SAI 11.9 12.2
Included 12.1 12.2

Cross Camber 0.2
Cross Caster 0.0
Cross SAI -0.03
Total Toe 0.11

I hope I listed those right.

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Re: Steering Wheel Shake

Post by storm9c1 » Thu Sep 17, 2020 3:00 am

I've been quiet on here for a while. But today I jumped on here to see about any new tire recommendations... and saw this posting.

Short story:
Just wanted to add that I'm a "me too"... and I've had this problem since 0 miles, which may add an interesting twist on this journey.

My 2011 9C3 only has 8K miles on it since new. I drive it less than 1000 miles per year. It never sees bad weather.

But my tires are original. DOT code is late 2010 (10 years old). And that's too old in my book for safety (I had a blow-out last year on my truck with 10-year old tires). I have a friend who had a blowout in a minty '95 Caprice that also had a blowout this year with 10-year old tires. Destroyed his fender. My tires are starting to develop that brown hue that signals EOL for them. I learned not to chance these things.

Anyways, I'll be following this thread because I always assumed the tires were the cause of my shake. I'll be getting new tires soon and I'll be upset if new tires don't fix the shake in my steering wheel.

Longer story:
This post caught my attention because I've owned the car since 0 miles (a Criswell car, 1 of 13, later becoming 1 of 3, as some of the old timers may know). It had a slight steering wheel shake above 50 MPH since day one. It always seemed to come and go, probably because most of my time is spent on local roads under 50 MPH. I should have had it diagnosed under warranty, but didn't. I bought the car new out of state. And my local dealer always seemed confused about my car because they didn't ever sell any Caprices. I was always treated like a freak there... guys would come out and scratch their heads, staring at my car. At first, this was cool. But the more I took my car there (ie: to fix paint flaws and other minor warranty service), the more I was concerned. I was given a run-around since day one about the paint flaws, so I had to take the car back to Criswell to have those fixed (which was ridiculous). I'm trying to keep the car mint and I'm always funny about anybody touching it. I do my own oil changes and general upkeep (and others that know me know I have a serious garage with lifts, etc, and have been wrenching on old B-Bodies for 20 years). In the end, yes, call me dumb for never having it looked at under warranty. But it is what it is. Life moves fast. And when you have 9 cars to maintain (and have fun with!), it moves even faster.
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