About to receive 2014 PPV in CT

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About to receive 2014 PPV in CT

Post by paul54 » Sun Oct 22, 2017 7:14 pm

So I am joining the crew here. My 2014 should be shipped this week, and I can't wait. I am getting it for a few reasons:

1 - Have not had a project car in a while, my son took over my garage with his old BMW's. But I finally got a garage space back :)
2 - I like having something unique. You just don't see them at all in the Northeast. In CT, PD is all Fords and the occasional Charger.
3 - I am a ham radio operator and looking forward to installing stuff in the console. Maybe get a Havis or one of the other brands, or make up something.
4 - V8 - Rear drive, getting rarer all the time.

Not sure on mechanical mods yet, but have enjoyed reading the forums here, so I know there are lots of possibilities!

Anyone else in or near Fairfield County, CT?


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Re: About to receive 2014 PPV in CT

Post by No Moa » Mon Oct 23, 2017 1:32 pm

welcome, where did you get your car from?
I also have a 14, I have the Lund console set up.
I'm in Maine.
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Re: About to receive 2014 PPV in CT

Post by elc32955 » Tue Oct 24, 2017 4:29 am

Welcome Paul, DE KK4JOK. If you load radios in the car you'll find it well equipped to play in the hobby. I never put radios in my 2011, but if your car had previous fleet service chances are you've already got some holes drilled unless someone already sent it through the body shop.

Take care
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Re: About to receive 2014 PPV in CT

Post by paul54 » Wed Oct 25, 2017 1:09 pm

Thanks guys! Yes, there are plenty of holes in the roof and trunk, hopefully the NMO's are still there and attached to coax. It was tough to get good pictures from the seller. It was Chicago Motors. Should be here thursday!

I have been researching consoles till I am blue in the face. Seems like the major players are Havis (duh), Jottodesk and Gamber Johnson. I will probaby have three radios in the vehicle (VHF for ham and part 90 use, UHF DMR and a scanner). I don't think I am going to mount any HF gear.

It looks like the Havis has you remove the factory plate with the slots, and the others just bolt right on, which is of course easier, but probably leaves a little less room.

I hope they did not destroy too many of the wires when they pulled out the police gear. I don't have the need for any red/blue flashy lights, although I am allowed to use Amber flashing when out on a CERT call. We do a lot of blocked road stuff.

Not sure yet on what I will do with mechanical. Waiting to see how it feels stock.


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Re: About to receive 2014 PPV in CT

Post by CrashTestDummy » Wed Oct 25, 2017 1:28 pm

Every agency is different on what they remove when the vehicle gets retired. Our '12 had pretty much everything pulled but the trunk-mounted antenna and the upfitter's fuse panel that they left connected to the upfitter's harness and laying in the passenger's footwell. Our 95 9C1 had pretty much everything pulled but the coax for the trunk-mounted antenna. So YMMV. In every instance with our retired service vehicles, though, if they pulled the antenna, they certainly pulled the coax, too.
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Re: About to receive 2014 PPV in CT

Post by BAZTEK » Wed Oct 25, 2017 10:55 pm

Welcome to the board. I'm a newbie as well but have found a treasure trove of information on these cars within these pages.
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Re: About to receive 2014 PPV in CT - updates

Post by paul54 » Fri Nov 17, 2017 11:36 pm

I thought I'd update on what I've done/found so far on my 2014 in the first two weeks.

- Today, I had a dent wizard remove the little dings around the car. Came out great. Amazing what they can do.
- I have a check engine light turn on twice and go off. When I read the code it was for "left bank lean". I have gone no further on this. Its off now
- Removed rear seat to run some coax for my ham radios (one from trunk lid and one from roof just behind rear dome light). Found the reinforcement panel was missing. On order. Found backrest incorrectly installed. Easily fixed.
- Added the missing front deflector that attaches to lower part of bumper cover. It was much cheaper to order from local dealer (no shipping).
- I have traced most of the police wiring, and it all seems intact so far. Having trouble finding a few under the hood that should be there (the 4 that are just installed to the center equipment area and left behind the radiator support. They must have used in the upfitting).
- Re-enable the horn button using the wiring under the glove box. They had it set to "siren". Just reconnect the connector hanging there, easy.
- Driver's side trunk release is inop. About to pull the door panel to check.
- Tires balanced, aligned, and slow leak fixed.
- Replaced rubber molding on drivers door opening. Cops wore it all down to nothing with all the gear getting in and out!
- Ordered SS carpet floor mats, but have no idea how to secure them to the rubber floor, they just slide around!!!
- Filed down the holes they left when they removed the cages from the rear doors. Will plug and seal with a little RTV and a plastic plug.
- Ordered Havis console with proper equipment plates. On backorder till 12/1 :(
- Found hidden USB connector and added extension cable.
- Got a steering wheel from a fellow member, but its almost as worn as mine! Trying to see if there might be a way to fill it in and coat it somehow. Or maybe just do a silly leather cover. Not sure I want to do the full SS wheel replace.

Next steps:
- Remove front bumper cover and headlight assemblies. They had removed the strobes, and left gaping holes in the headlight reflector. I will be putting in amber colored hide-a-way strobes. Hope to find the wires that I have been unable to find, and remove the some of the wiring they left that is no longer used.
- Get a tuner to turn off the damn AFM or DOD or whatever its called. Hideous!
- See if dealer will program body computer to undo the VVS option, so I can get my auto lights back.
- Maybe send silver box to Chris, but there is really not that much I need.
- Think about recovering the seats. The cloth is pretty gross, and does not match the rear vinyl.
- Down the road, look at engine mods. Don't want crazy, just 30 or 40 more and a better sound.

Having fun!
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Re: About to receive 2014 PPV in CT

Post by smwalker » Sat Nov 18, 2017 2:22 am

>> - Driver's side trunk release is inop. About to pull the door panel to check.

The bezel that those switches sit in actually pop out so no need to remove the entire door panel if you just want to check for signal at the back of the switch.

And if you want have a look around the https://www.holmart.com.au" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false; site they got a lot of diffrent factory seat trim covers. I think I saw some from the VF/MN not sure how much you would have to modify foam to fit.
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Re: About to receive 2014 PPV in CT

Post by paul54 » Tue Nov 21, 2017 12:52 am

Thank, I did sort of fix the trunk release, posted in the body forum. Bad circuit board on one side. A lot easier than removing the door panel!

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