Hello All and My Caprice makes a Noise

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Hello All and My Caprice makes a Noise

Post by deep_zek » Thu Oct 22, 2020 3:52 am

Hello all. I'm new here. In NJ. Got 2012 Caprice with a little over 66k miles. Did remove passenger side battery and bunch of wiring. Only wires left to remove are front light flashers. Replaced main battery which overheated when I was driving it home; I got a very strong rotten egg smell so after some search figured out it was the battery. It was not even installed properly. These batteries have vent holes on both sides, you need to cover one with the plug that comes with the battery and second one you need to vent outside with a special plug and hose. My old battery was not covered on unused side, and the vent that was going out was broken so all the sulfur acid was coming in. So be careful and make sure you install it properly. It's hard to search that battery vent hose and plug using car make and model so I ended up buying BMW 3 series one from 1A auto and it works, I think it was for 2012 335i, easier to find it this way.
Also, had brakes done and 2 tires replaced. Cleaned interior as much as I could on one weekend but still needs a lot of work.
When I had brakes done, my mechanic told me rear left caliper was stuck and hard to press in which he still got in and is working but he said I may need to replace it. So, after that I get some noise when I get on a highway and drive at around 70 mph but it's not always, sometimes it goes away. It sounds like bearings but I'm thinking maybe it's because of the caliper. I can't even tell if the noise is from front or back so I recorded and video to show it to my mechanic in case he can tell. Then I thought maybe I can post it here in case someone has experienced the same they might help me out.
so here is the video and I hope it's allowed here.


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Re: Hello All and My Caprice makes a Noise

Post by CrashTestDummy » Fri Oct 23, 2020 1:36 pm

Welcome! Sorry, I'm zero help with the noise. Not exactly sure what was 'noise' and what was 'the noise'.
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Re: Hello All and My Caprice makes a Noise

Post by deep_zek » Sat Oct 24, 2020 5:18 pm

Yea I know it's not the best quality video lol And road noise makes it more difficult...
According to my mechanic it should be rear caliper so I may just replace both rear ones and see if it goes away

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