My first Caprice just picked up

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My first Caprice just picked up

Post by gto65lvr » Sat Nov 21, 2020 5:05 am

I picked up a couple 2013 Caprices that are Hugo Blue that both have about 85k on them. Both had been serviced by the LE division amazingly.

the inside of one of the engines looks like new cast aluminum and no carbon build on the valve stems, I am doing a full DOD delete and dyno tune right now and am using a Tick performance stock torque converter friendly camshaft among other things. thinking about the pypes mufflers for the G8 and extending the tips to fit before the tune.

My second one has minor qtr damage that I sorta pulled/popped out and am replacing the damaged suspension bits in the One rear corner which was very minor. The engine in this one is as quiet as a church mouse and will probably will sell this one soon just because I got them as a pair both were city cars from Oregon so they are very dry and clean. When I list it I may even do the VLOM mod and delete it in the tune if the new owner wants in the purchase price.

very excited to burn some rubber and watch people react to the PPV on the road LOL

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Re: My first Caprice just picked up

Post by GammaFlat » Wed Nov 25, 2020 3:46 am

You got the color I wanted. Mine's black but I love the blue. :cry:
Welcome. Great folks here. Keep us current!
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