CTS-V rear seating

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CTS-V rear seating

Post by elc32955 » Mon Jun 24, 2013 7:43 pm

Well, as I've discussed in other threads I've been playing around with Recaro seating options for the Caprice. Finally had a chance to do some detailed comparisons between the CTS-V Recaro rear seat set and the Caprice seats.

There's some serious compatability issues here. Here's some pics so you can see....

This is a shot where I pulled the back seat completely out of the Caprice over the weekend. You can see the position of the mounts, also the cutout going to the trunk area.
IMG_3318a.JPG (175.87 KiB) Viewed 2516 times
This is a back-to-back shot between the Caprice seat and the Recaro seat (both backs). As you can see the seats are two different sizes and the mounting systems are pretty different. There's no cutout in the rear seat sheet metal for the studs coming off the Recaro back seat, plus there is a metal piece that has to go through. It'd be difficult to size and cut out the required area. Other choice is to mod the seat.
IMG_3322a.JPG (171.97 KiB) Viewed 2516 times
Shot of both seat bottoms. The Recaro seat is held in by two hook-type attaching points, while the Caprice seat clips in with two push-in style clips. Also the physical length of the cushion is different, not to mention the foam itself in the seat is configured differently to match the CTS-V rear seat pan design. Recaro is sitting on a small plastic box to keep it off the concrete.
IMG_3323a.JPG (160.77 KiB) Viewed 2516 times
Short version is that this mod may not be able to be executed due to the differences. I'm thinking of just cleaning the seat set up and putting it up for sale on the Cadi forums. Conclusion is that a G8 back seat in leather would be the logical choice for an easy conversion. The jury is still out on the front seat mod though, so whatever happens with the front will dictate what I do with the rear set... sigh....

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