TPMS sensors

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TPMS sensors

Post by Car54 » Tue May 17, 2022 9:40 pm

Can our cars hold more than 1 set of TPMS sensors in “memory”?

The stock wheels are still on the car. All the sensors work.

Im looking into a 3 season wheel n tire setup.

I still will use the stock wheels for winter time.

Do have to get the GM sensors?

Can you use aftermarket ones and use the tire relearn tool to add in the new sensors?

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Re: TPMS sensors

Post by Mooseman » Tue May 17, 2022 11:50 pm

AFAIK, you have to do the relearn each time you swap tires. Aftermarket sensors are OK as long as it's not the universal type that need to be programmed prior to installation. If you look up the sensors on RockAuto, it's the ones that say Multi-Application you have to stay away from. The cheap tool on Amazon should work although mine wouldn't work this time and had to break out my expensive Autel tool. Could have been a weak battery.

11-13 are one type of sensor. 14-17 is another.
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Re: TPMS sensors

Post by JoeR » Sat May 28, 2022 3:06 am

If you want to do this, the best way to do it is to clone the original sensors. Plenty of TPMS tools can do this now. You retrieve the TPMS ID numbers from the vehicle, and make a matching set. Then the vehicle doesn't even know the wheels have been swapped.
If you plan on ever rotating the tires though, it's a waste of time. The pairing procedure for the TPMS sensors is the same whether you are just moving the sensors around the vehicle or putting entirely different ones on there.


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