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Registration settings change

Posted: Thu Sep 06, 2018 7:26 am
by elc32955
Hi folks,

Well, despite our best efforts the spammers seem to love getting into the system. The normal way to keep them out (detailed registration Q&A) has been falling short here lately it seems.

So, to temporarily address this issue I've made an executive decision to require manual (hand) validation of all new users in the short term. Whether we acquire a new validation module or take other measures to combat these pests I haven't decided yet. I've stopped several spammers in the last few days before they get through the gates, but the odd one validates and is able to do a few posts before we catch him/her.

Anyway, we're working on the problem. It's more work for me to do the manual new user validation, however I'd rather be safe then sorry. We'll see what form the new security measures end up evolving into. The board (with the exception of the Lounge discussion area) is forward-facing to the 'net for reads, so we're not cutting anyone off to the information here. Only new user registration & posting is impacted by this change.