1/8 Mile E/t's

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Re: 1/8 Mile E/t's

Post by Numbah1 » Mon Sep 30, 2019 10:47 am

I didnt realize this but i was following the On All Cylinders L77 build guide lol put the otr cai on, did headers, have the AFM disabler, im looking at getting my car remapped, and was thinking cam if i have enough buffer for my drag class limit

I had JBA SS header and catted connection pipes put on, had it ran thru the resonator b.c im still using DoD for now, have it 2.25 on back. They couldnt get my cutouts in just b4 the muffers and they were F-ing welded on so i cut them off. Left them and the cutouts i bought in the trunk to keep the weight the same lol

Okkay! Soo the air was 5-8* cooler than before. I think these shouldve been ~.05 higher.
Just over 1/2 a tank.
No cool down either for first TT
2.13 60ft, 5.88 330ft, 8.92 @ 82.5
1hr 20m cool off till the last time
2.08 60ft, 5.80 330ft, 8.82 @ 83
2.05 60ft, 5.74 330ft, 8.75 @ 83
2.05 60ft, 5.73 330ft, 8.75 @ 82.7
2.06 60ft, 5.76 330ft. 8.77 @ 82.8
2.10 60ft, 5.79 330ft, 8.81 @ 82.5
40 minute cool off, im found out last event thats the sweet spot for consistency
2.10 60ft, 5.79 330ft, 8.81 @ 82.25

Went into semi's & was fastest car left. Saying that its crazy b.c i still cant do a brake torque burnout!! Im going to get stock mufflers back on with right cutouts, then have it remapped. No idea what to expect after a remap. Tracks done for the yr, but i still can lock in a race in mexico with 8.4 camaro. If that race goes down, ill post results, if not ill have to wait till next yr for results of the remap

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Re: 1/8 Mile E/t's

Post by Numbah1 » Mon Oct 05, 2020 1:22 am

Ok, so stock the car was 9.05 to ~9.35
So when it was within 100 of 0 DA, i ran 8.75s. I assume the work lowered it ~.3 and the average was 8.9.

In July ihad a 2.25 x pipe put on. Went to the track and was 85*-90* lol terrible air for me, 2400 - 3400 DA but ran 8.9 to 9.1, so i think the x pipe lowered my ET ~ .05. It was faster for sure.

Tonight i ran in 50* air, 750 - 850 DA but at a diff track. I put on a ported & rod mod intake! I think my exhaust is to small having cats & being stock after the X. I got to the track & let it cool for 1hr & 15, left the cutouts capped so it was thru the mufflers; 8.82 & 13.57. Opened them and let it cool the 45m it needed, got 8.74 & 13.45. Once again lol i can tell its faster. I should do a ZERO DA correction calculation

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