Roadkill Prep | Need to Make my Car Faster

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Roadkill Prep | Need to Make my Car Faster

Post by lsxJERRY » Thu Jun 30, 2016 5:17 am


Well I have 50 days! I have a VIP ticket to drag race on Woodward Ave @ Roadkill Nights. I'm not satisfied with my 14.1 @100mph 1/4 mile time, I want to go faster....on a budget :lol:

I have a plan...sorta.

I need D.O.T drag radials, and I honestly don't want to get more rims (don't have the space)
I researched and apparently 245/40 R18 & 265/40 R18 drag radials fit on stock G8 GT wheels... so will they work on the stock steelies?

I need to do the DOD/AFM delete, and I'm considering going all out and doing the whole kit and tune. What cam should I run for a safe, daily driven car? Approximately how much does this cost to get done?

Redoing the exhaust for the last time, and going with Solo Mach balanced cat back. Not sure if I'm doing the headers, if I do Long Tubes the check engine light comes on right?

Any other mods suggested to make the car go faster? This is all I have in mind so far...

Dragstrip Registration Rules & Regulations

All vehicles participating in the drag race must be street legal, with a valid license plate and registration. No paper or dealer license plates.
All vehicles must be insured with proof of insurance matching the vehicle’s VIN number.
All drivers must be 21 years or older and have a valid driver’s license.
Drivers must provide their own fuel.
NO trailered vehicles—all vehicles must be driven to/into/from the event site.
DOT-approved tires only. NO slicks! Tires cannot protrude outside top of fender.
NO passengers are allowed in the vehicle on the dragstrip.
Long pants and closed-toe shoes are required.
Vehicle inspection to take place upon arrival:
Battery must be secured.
No visible leaks.
Coolant catch can required.
Mufflers required.
Functioning seatbelt required.
No loose items inside vehicle.
SA or M 2005 or newer helmet required. The sfi tag inside the helmet must be shown during tech inspection. NO EXCEPTIONS.
Participants will be required to review and sign a liability release/waiver.
For the safety of all participants, each driver must submit to and pass a breathalyzer test.
I'll be doing an updated test pass at the local drag strip this weekend.

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Re: Roadkill Prep | Need to Make my Car Faster

Post by xcidmigs » Thu Jun 30, 2016 12:45 pm

What a LS factory cam like the LS3 hotcam? or even the standard one if you don't want to kill emmisions and MPG?
Also think with what you want to do and budget you should consider changing out the rear carrier to the camaro version with the stronger unit and higher factory gears avail. Guys have bought them used for way under $1000 that you are considering on the long tubes.

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Re: Roadkill Prep | Need to Make my Car Faster

Post by CrashTestDummy » Thu Jun 30, 2016 2:19 pm

To paraphrase Carl Sagan, 'there are billions and billions' of ways to accomplish your goals, it depends on what compromises you are willing to make. We haven't started modding the 9C1 yet, but our 96 Impala SS is a 'bolt-on terror', running a best of 11.09 with only bolt-ons:

3.73 rear gear
2500 RPM lockup converter
250 HP nitrous kit
cold air intake
underdrive crank pulley.
electric water pump.
M&H slicks (when at the track)
9C1 rear springs (when at the track)

That's it. The car still flies through emissions inspections, gets reasonable mileage (mid-to-high 18's), and is fun to drive. That's a fully-loaded car, and the 11.09 pass was run with the previous owner, who weighed over 300# at the time. Nothing in the stock 200,000-mile 260 HP LT1 was touched to make those low-11-second passes. It's still running fine.

While not going that low in the gear, I'm planning similar mods to our 9C1, probably adding more cam, and still contemplating the NOS, but I think that's a good recipe for a decently-performing car that's capable of being daily-driven to work and back.
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Re: Roadkill Prep | Need to Make my Car Faster

Post by lsxJERRY » Sun Jul 03, 2016 7:48 pm

Today I went to the drag strip to see where my times at, result:

I also blew out a hole plug:

My plan is to get DOT radials, question is what is the best size for the stock steel wheels?

Going to get AFM/DOD Delete kit but not sure which cam yet.

If it's within budget, getting long tube headers and solo catback.

I'm skeptical, but i'm contemplating nitrous.

I plan on contacting a speed shop mid-July.

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