PPV splitter - now accepting orders

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PPV splitter - now accepting orders

Post by Navy Lifer » Thu May 16, 2019 6:05 am

It's finally here! The unique Caprice PPV-specific front splitter is now available.

The first pre-production part was test fitted this week and it is now ready for your PPV! Delivery for orders placed now will be shipped in the next 30 days, depending on production scheduling of the splitter at the machining facility.

The original splitter revealed last year has proven to be quite durable in service--caution IS required when parking, especially with lowered ride height. This new splitter is 0.375" Densetec HDPE plastic with a textured surface, and has a significantly lower cost than the original splitter. The splitter is large--about 67" wide and 25" front to back.

Mounting is via 8 fasteners, 4 via the front frame/cradle (8mm), and 4 via the front fascia and existing lower deflector panel (6mm). No external supports are needed, and installing any will be an individual owner's preference. These 8 mounting points are already on the car, and no drilling to install the splitter is required--it is bolt-on, and removal of the splitter will not leave any permanent evidence it was ever on the car.

There are 2 additional mounting points (using bolts supplied in the kit) that are recommended but not mandatory - they are at the very bottom back corners of the existing lower deflector, holes that are drilled through the deflector, splitter and fascia. These holes are 1/4" and are low enough that they would not be readily visible with the splitter removed--you would have to look for them. The addition of these bolts will be thoroughly covered in the installation instructions.

For all interested PPV owners, the first ten (10) orders purchased will include free delivery. Mounting hardware and instructions are included with every order.

Several PPV owners are already on the pre-order list--please contact us ASAP if you want to be added to the list, as order of shipping will be on the basis of the pre-order list, and once shipping actually begins, pre-paid orders will ship ahead of any others.


Splitter + mounting hardware: $250.00

Splitter/deflector package + mounting hardware: $350.00

Deflector package only: $125.00


Splitter only - flat rate - $30.00 to 48 states.

Splitter + Deflectors package - flat rate - 2 packages - $40.00 to 48 states

Deflector package - actual cost or USPS Flat Rate

Delivery to Hawaii/Alaska will be on individual basis, best possible rate.


Payment options: PayPal, Zelle, Check, or Money Order

For check or M.O., mail to this address:

Bill Harper

PO Box 4365

Canton GA 30114

No direct processing of credit cards is being offered currently.

Minimum deposit (refundable) is 50% of order total - receipt of deposit or full payment will establish delivery order after first 10 orders are shipped

If you are ready to get on the pre-order list, please send an e-mail to me, with name, physical address for shipping (indicating business or residence), and phone number, and anticipated method of payment, to this e-mail address:


NOTE - also use this e-mail address for PayPal transactions - for Zelle or PayPal, a payment request to buyer can also be initiated from this end, please indicate your preference

The pre-order response list has been established. Currently there are 5 owners in line for the first run of production splitters. These 5 and the next 5 to order will get free shipping. When you contact us with the intent to order a splitter kit, we will respond individually to inform you what number you are on this list.

When production begins, deposit or full payment options to secure your order will be updated for all on the pre-order response list.

For any questions about the splitter or ordering, we will establish a FAQ page as questions come up. Please use the e-mail address listed to discuss any aspects of the splitter & installation so you can make an informed decision about purchasing a kit. Please DO NOT submit PM's to this Forum - use my e-mail address for inquiries or orders, and I will be glad to speak with you. I will provide phone contact info when responding via e-mail.

There is no website or shopping cart for the PPV splitter. Please understand this is a 2-man project, and every kit will be personally prepared and packaged by one of us. We want to keep this as a personalized transaction process, so some degree of interaction beyond clicking on a button on a website will be necessary.

We look forward to bringing this product to the many PPV owners that have expressed their interest since the initial reveal over a year ago.

Your patience has been rewarded!

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Re: PPV splitter - now accepting orders

Post by Navy Lifer » Sun May 19, 2019 7:25 pm

2 spots remaining for early orders with free shipping!

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