Links of use to Chevrolet Caprice PPV owners - updated 5/12/2016

Police, our other website!

General Motors official fleet website

Australia-based Commodore forums, has VE forum sub-board for 2006-2013 Commodores and VF sub-board for 2014 & up Commodores - a very good website in Australia dealing with Holden cars and mods.

US Caprice PPV owners Facebook group. Restricted access, members must be approved.

GM TechLink search for Caprice PPV articles - good tech articles about the Caprice PPV written for GM dealership technicians.

GM Parts Direct (Flow Chevrolet) - online GM parts ordering source.

Tonkin Parts - another GM on-line parts ordering source.

Car-Part.Com, on-line search for nationwide auto parts in salvage yards. Excellent source to find Caprice PPV parts.

Autotrader national search for 2011-2017 Caprice PPV cars listed for sale, both new & used.

Carfax search - used 2011 to 2017 Caprice PPV nationwide.

Police Fleet Manager Magazine, by Hendon Publishing. Monthly articles about police cars directed at fleet operators. Frequent articles about the Caprice are listed. Free on-line reading of prior month's issues.

Michigan State Police website - Police Vehicle Evaluation results. Annual reports from 2010 & up are on-line, unbiased police vehicle test results.

Holden Parts USA, this is a good parts source for GM Holden parts shipped in from Australia. Karo is good people to deal with! Reasonable prices, fast delivery.

White Audio & Media, reprogramming for Holden iQ stereos and custom cluster & BCM programming for Caprices. Chris is one of the only sources for this programming. If you want your decontented radio opened up this is your go-to source!