2011-14 Manual Swap Topics: Wiring, Tuning, and Misc.

Drivetrain discussion including Transmission, Differential, Driveshaft, and related items.
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2011-14 Manual Swap Topics: Wiring, Tuning, and Misc.

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Hi all! I just wanted to share some information from my manual conversion that isn't as easy to find online as parts list and whatnot about the manual swap. All opinions to follow are just that. This is the process that worked for me, so hopefully it can help get you in the right direction. I currently do not have any codes and retained full functionality of the speedo, cruise control, traction control, etc. Hopefully this catches most of the information, but let's see where the discussion goes. Hopefully this makes things easier for some folks in the future.

Special thanks to kras007 from this forum who helped me out tremendously with answered questions! I've also gotten help from a couple others as well, but I'm not sure if they are on this forum. If you are, please reach out to me as I'd like to give the recognition where it's deserved.

I'm attaching a link to a PowerPoint below with my notes I used regarding wiring for the swap (I hope it works). However, below are a couple of critical points to address. I did not go for a factory install as I deleted skip shift and reverse lockout on my transmission. I also went the path of using the ABS wheel speed sensors for the speedo signal.

**Slide references are subject to change a little if I update this in the future.

- Clutch position sensor (CPP)
Three wires from the brake position sensor (BPP) need to be rewired to the new Camaro clutch position sensor. These go back to the ECM directly. Caution as the wire colors here look very similar. Take your time, review the pin numbers, and see slides 4,6 and 7.

- Key capture mechanism
Ground signal needs to be jumped in your original shifter wiring harness (Black to purple) to allow for the key capture mechanism in the column to release the key (see slide 5). Since it's a ground signal, I just used a piece of a paper clip across the female plug. :D

-GMLAN wiring
**REMINDER to load the new "manual swap" tune before pulling transmission. Your system needs to see everything is there before you take it away. More about the tune will be below.**
Since you will no longer have a TCM for the GMLAN to see data to and from , this will need to be taken out of the series loop. Two sets of wires will need to be jumped at the TCM connector in order to make the loop continuous (see slide 8).

- Reverse switch at transmission for backup lights
Ultimately, if using a G8 or commodore tune, you will need to get a switched ground signal back to the ECM to engage your backup lights. I did this by utilizing the ground signal in the TCM plug that was no longer being used. Then I selected another wire (park/neutral signal) that was no longer relevant to carry this signal back to the ECM. From there, you just have to repin that wire at the ECM to the correct location (see slides 8 and 4).

- Traction control disable switch
For this to work, a ground signal must be given to your BCM, and the wiring currently passes through the existing shifter wiring harness. I personally used a signal (only traction control) button for my console, but other buttons can be used as well. You will have to determine which pins are the switched pins for your selected switch and wire it appropriately. I've included some information in slide 9.

https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/ ... ue&sd=true

I used HP Tuners and assume most are using the same thing. Below are the important aspects that I found are most critical.

-Segment Swapping
You will need to do a segment swap from a manual G8 or Commodore/Ute. However, in order to do this in HP Tuners, you will need to find a tune that uses the same operating system (OS). When I first completed the swap, I used a Camaro segment that allowed me to start the car and get it driving, but caused other errors with the GMLAN communications. After studying the wiring diagrams more, this was likely due to the GMLAN wiring being a different sequence/path between the Caprice/Commodore/G8 vs. Camaro. So, with that being said, I recommend just going to a G8 or Commodore file. This was not super easy for me as I had to really search to find the specific file that I needed, but when I did, it fixed my GMLAN issues. I posted my file in the HP Tuners forum as it doesn't look like you can post to the respository currently.
You will need at least the "System" and "Engine Operation" segments from the new tune file (maybe more). However, I ended up swapping all segments as it does not cause an issue. My car essentially thinks that it is a manual Commodore ute.

I won't go into the finer details of everything that you need to convert over for the manual transmission operation as my assumption is that if you've made it this far, you either know what to do or know to take it to a professional. However, there are a couple general notes on my slide 10.

Special note: Do not try to relearn the CPP positioning with a clutch stop installed. This will not work as you need to get the pedal closer to the max travel. However, once the positioning is learned, I can confirm that you can install the clutch stop, disable the interlock feature in the tune, and still have cruise control functionality (with clutch pedal depress to disengage).

Misc. Needs
Below are a few things that I needed to do for my swap and people should think about ahead of time. I have the ability to fabricate parts, so it's something that

-Trans crossmember
I custom made my own based on someone else's design I found online (thank you to them!). I've included pictures of mine and theirs below if someone wanted to draw inspiration

-BCM Tuning
I did get my BCM programmed, but I'm not sure it's necessary. When reviewing the wiring from the trans and the shifter, neither pointed to CRITICAL wiring that went to the BCM (outside of GMLAN that is bypassed). I also have an outstanding question with my programmer on what exactly was corrected by the programming and I've yet to get a response. If I do, I can update this thread. However, others have completed the swap without the programming without issues, so you'll have to decide which route you want to take here.

-Custom driveshaft
Many others have stated that it can be difficult finding someone who wants to modify our two piece driveshaft with guibo couplers on either end. That was what I found to be the case in the Houston area. Other people have had success with some driveshaft shops that may shorten theirs, but they likely can't balance it. I chose the option of having a new custom shaft made for the car. Driveshaft Pros in CA took care of this for me. It wasn't cheap, but I got a high quality piece that was balanced, and they even installed my JXB carrier bearing support. They did a great job IMO, and they only take a couple days to make the shaft. I reference my shortened dimension in the slides, but please take your own measurements for this to confirm.

-Camaro shifter modification
My shifter is a MGW unit (Camaro trans and shifter). When installing the transmission, the shifter location was too far back, so I had to shorten the shifter arms by ~0.8" to fit in the center of the opening and bolt holes to line up. I know this is a specific number, but I also 3D printed mock up arms to determine this, so that's how I can be so precise. This meant that all three shift support bars had to be shortened equally. I've attached a couple pictures of the final product below.

-Clutch pedal install
This took me probably longer than it should have. However, I ran into some issues with the dash support. I was able to notch the support and "massage" it over enough to install the clutch pedal. However, if you leave this in place, your clutch pedal mechanism will be touching it. I designed a template that can be printed out for marking your holes before cutting (below). This shares the same footprint as the Camaro pedal assembly and will help you mark the holes. I've added a picture with the problematic brace circled in green.

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-eMdp8 ... sp=sharing
Clutch master position
Clutch master position
clutch master position.jpg (999.31 KiB) Viewed 1147 times
Shortened center shift arm
Shortened center shift arm
PXL_20240113_230352904.jpg (3.97 MiB) Viewed 1147 times
Shortened side shift arms
Shortened side shift arms
PXL_20240113_203949898.jpg (4.9 MiB) Viewed 1147 times
Crossmember installed
Crossmember installed
PXL_20240108_010208094.jpg (3.3 MiB) Viewed 1147 times
My version of the crossmember
My version of the crossmember
PXL_20240108_001630603.jpg (4.43 MiB) Viewed 1147 times
Original crossmember design
Original crossmember design
Trans Crossmember Idea.jpg (106.77 KiB) Viewed 1147 times
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Re: 2011-14 Manual Swap Topics: Wiring, Tuning, and Misc.

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Thanks very much for posting this info up with pictures! We do have people that do manual swaps from time to time and I know this will be helpful. Now I wonder how much of this carries over to the 2014-2017...

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Re: 2011-14 Manual Swap Topics: Wiring, Tuning, and Misc.

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do you happen to have a link or can you send the file you used in hp tunners?
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