Looking for Headlight ground(s)

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Looking for Headlight ground(s)

Post by gavatronx9 » Fri Jan 14, 2022 11:20 am

Hey everyone
Looked in the forum first before wanting to bother anyone about where the grounds for the headlights are. I have LEDs in my 2012 and they are giving me some fits. the help would be GREATLY appreciated. (Insert very low bow here)
Maybe some pictures? Thank you for you help and time.

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Re: Looking for Headlight ground(s)

Post by smwalker » Fri Jan 14, 2022 9:06 pm

G102 is low beams and G104 is High beams. Interesting they keep the high and low on the same ground point even though they are on opposite sided of the car.

https://www.chiltonlibrary.com/content/ ... 662600.pdf

G102 - #2 side of the frame rail - tough to get to.
https://www.chiltonlibrary.com/content/ ... 542883.pdf

G104 - #1 near the jumping grounding point - Easy to get to.
https://www.chiltonlibrary.com/content/ ... 542880.pdf

Parking/Marker - Share G102 and G104
https://www.chiltonlibrary.com/content/ ... 662602.pdf

Turn Signals - G104
https://www.chiltonlibrary.com/content/ ... 662604.pdf
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