Modified 2006 GMC Yukon I would like to trade for V8 PPV

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Modified 2006 GMC Yukon I would like to trade for V8 PPV

Post by Skyhighsami »

I have a white 2006 GMC Yukon 2wd that I bought about 3 years ago because I love this vintage truck so much. Since I bought it I have lowered it with Belltech spindles, deleted the Torsion Bar front suspension and shocks in favor of Viking double adjustable coilovers, and replaced the bushings with Energy Suspension parts. The rear has the DJM relocation kit for the control arms, shock mounts, sway bars, and panhard bar. It also has Belltech 5305 coil springs, Belltech shocks, AirLift helper bags and Spohn adjustable panhard bar. Up front is a set of Brembo 4 piston calipers with stainless steel brakes line and 2 piece rotors with aluminum hats. The rear disc, pads, calipers, and parking brake shoes have also been replaced. The truck has 20" wheels from a 2015 GMC that were declad and polished with 275/40/20 in the back and the rears were professionally widened to 11" and run 315/35/20. The engine is stock but I have a crate motor that was in my RCSB Silverado that will either come with the sell or be installed. The 5.3 has a cam ground with 12 psi from a D1-SC Procharger. I removed the Procharger from my Silverado and sold it because it continued to throw belts and the only solution was a new bracket that dedicated a belt from the crank to the head unit. I sold it and had the plans of increasing the power more than a cam only 5.3 could handle. My plan was to swap in a smaller NA cam like the Comp 212/218 high lift with a Trailblazer SS intake and 90mm throttle body. The 1 3/4" headers with 3" collectors will have a Flowmaster dual 3" to single 4" outlet to join the rest of the stock Duramax exhaust with a Borla muffler that I run on the Yukon currently. Since the Silverado was also Procharged it had 4.11 gears, aftermarket diff and hardened axles. I planned on having them installed into the Yukon along with the new 5.3 with a better suited NA cam and a 6 cylinder Trailblazer torque converter which stalls in the 2800-3000 range. I have a 40k GVWR transmission cooler, Z71 painted rear bumper, tinted windows, double DIN Kenwood DDX6705S, and we spent about 3/4 of a day tuning it on the dyno where it ultimately made 258whp and according to an app on my phone went a 15.2 or 15.4 I forget. I didn't figure it was too bad considering it only had a tune, 4" Duramax exhaust, and some really heavy wheels. I can let the truck and see it as described with the engine for you to install, have my mechanic install the engine, freshen the transmission and regear the rear end. Take off parts of the suspension to raise it up or to take the more expensive parts off. Remove the declad 20" wheels because I really want them on my RCSB Silverado along with the Brembo brakes. I will still install the rotors and 4 piston calipers from the 2019 GM trucks because it is supposed to be an update that is just as good that costs a fraction of the Brembos with just one piece rotors. The odometer shows 255701 but an extremely low crate mile 5.3 will be included, the transmission will be fresh as are the brakes suspension and rear end.
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Re: Modified 2006 GMC Yukon I would like to trade for V8 PPV

Post by MichiganL77 »

I realize it's 2 years later, did you ever make this trade or sell? Just wondering, I might know someone interested.
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