A/C parts needed and some questions

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Re: A/C parts needed and some questions

Post by Sanford » Fri Jul 23, 2021 12:43 am

May have to call around, but you should be able to find a shop that can fix the hose. They will just cut the tubing next to the hose and solder some new crimp fittings.

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Re: A/C parts needed and some questions

Post by GreenHorn » Mon Sep 27, 2021 10:00 pm

I just finished this job it's about 16 hours for someone that knows what they're doing it's more than just the hose you will have to replace.

You will have to replace the water pump, the radiator, and remove the fan assembly, remove the compressor for the AC system and the condenser. I started out with a small leak, replaced the service ports the small one and the large one then to find that the line that you are pointing to was the cause a leak at the crimp. The parts for the AC system or the lines
92511781 F (S)Hose
92285455 Evaporator Tube
I would also replace the coolant lines for the radiator the elbow at the bottom of the radiator the T fitting for the upper hose and about 3 gallons of coolant. The OE parts from the dealership come with all the seals you will need. Just remember it was a right hand drive converted to left hand drive so it's kind of tight. You will have to put it up in the air and remove the pan under the bumper to access the cooling lines for the power steering and transmission and remove the left wheelhouse liner to gain access, also disconnect the battery the jumper lead under the hood will have to come apart to remove the line that goes to the evaporator not to mention the airbox the air intake hose might be easier to also remove the fuse box under the hood or at least loosen it, the filter on the A/C line is tiger tight, my old one had rub marks from hitting the bracket. the new line has a different bend to it and is s smidge farther from it.

Good Luck and if any parts are in question replace it, is a lot of work to get to the compressor.

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Re: A/C parts needed and some questions

Post by bstoner » Wed Oct 20, 2021 9:46 pm

Nice. Glad you got it fixed. I found my high side port, low side port, top fitting on the condenser, and the driver side bottom of the condenser were all small leaks in my A/C system. The dye really glows after you clean everything up. My hoses were previously replaced and didn't leak. I put in a new condenser, new ports, vac down till it held 400 microns, and refilled. Nice to have cold A/C again.
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