Dealer programming finally emulated!

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Dealer programming finally emulated!

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OK folks, this is a cut-n-paste from another thread, but our member bstoner came up with a good solution for all year Caprices to emulate dealer-only programming. Read his solution here;
I finally did it! I was able to program my TPMS to my settings! Here is how I did it.

1. Buy a VXDIAG VCX Nano. They run a little over a hundred bucks. There are two versions. One USB only and one USB/Wifi. I bought the cheaper USB because I prefer hardwired when programming my car. The VXDiag is an interface that allows you to connect software on your laptop to the car. The devices comes with software but I downloaded the most current software from VXDiag and used it.
2. You need to install the VX Manager which allows the programs to communicate to the car.
3. You need Tech2Win for 2013 and older or GDS2 for 2014 and newer. You download it from VXDiag.

I used GDS2 to program my car (2014) to 36 psi front and rear. So for a little over a hundred bucks you can do everything the dealer can do with GDS2! :D
WOW.... Let me clarify something with you, are you referring to just TPMS settings or how much more capability are we talking here? :) :) :)

I can do anything the dealer can do! Yesterday I also did a steering angle sensor reset while I was playing around with changing the TPMS pressures. Its pretty amazing honestly. I wish I would have bought one years ago! A couple things to consider. It took me a while to figure out how to set everything up. It's not super user friendly installing everything and getting it going. There are various instructions out there and some are outdated and incorrect. Tech2Win is old software that runs on 32 bit. So if your computer is 64 bit (like most newer ones) then you need to install VMWare to be able to run it. Also GDS2 technically is suppose to require an expensive subscription to use but the software provided is, ummm, shall we say, "modified" for a non-expiring license. Most people call it the GDS2 patch. I am going to be intentionally ignorant here and presume that is ok. It also comes with SPS. From my understanding SPS is used to completely program a module. For that you would need to pay the $45 2-year subscription from ACDELCOTDS to gain access to the file to upload to the module.
So there you have it, buy the necessary hardware/software and mod away. No more recurring visits to bolster your friendly dealer's monthly gross. I'm sticky'ing this post to stay on top of this section.

One other thing, our system policy with respect to outright pirated or hacked intellectual property is pretty inflexible, we will never advocate or enable use of this kind of software for our cars. However, in this case I have no verifiable information that the software is not legitimately provided in this current form by the presenting site. Therefore I'll allow the post to stay until such time as I'm made aware this is not the case. If that ever happens... then.... ZAP!


EDIT - 2/14/2024

Just in view of some additional information that's come my way via other users, in follow-up apparently there's still some quirks in using the provided SPS version with this programming method. Be prepared for some trial & error in getting everything to work. Some activities may still require interface with GM to activate software licenses for more advanced programming.

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Re: Dealer programming finally emulated!

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So what you're saying is "Print or save this now!" :mrgreen:

This is excellent info.
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