Misfire and issues running

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Misfire and issues running

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I am having trouble getting my vehicle to drive again. Its a 2015 caprice with a dod delete, cam, and a tune. It started misfiring one day. Several rocker arms had come loose, so I put some teflon tape around the threads and blue loctite under the head of the bolt and torqued them all down properly. I thought might have been the issue, but no the vehicle was still misfiring with a p0352 code, so I figured I might as well change the coil packs and spark plugs since it was about that time, start it up and still misfiring. I figured the gas maybe, so I drained the tank and put fresh 93 in, but still no. I have checked the compression, and I have done a leak down test which both were good. I am just confused right now and cant think of anything else. Ive swapped injectors, and the issue never followed. The vehicle is getting good fuel pressure. I am not a mechanic by any means, so any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. So far the vehicle will start up fine cold, but if I shut it off then try to start it again, it wont fire up.
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Re: Misfire and issues running

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Sorry for the late reply. Have you checked that there is an actual spark at the wire? Power and trigger at the coil connector? That code says that there's a problem with the circuit to that coil so that should be your focus.
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