Just wanted to take a moment to celebrate what these cars can do!

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Just wanted to take a moment to celebrate what these cars can do!

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In a recent unsanctioned event that occurred within a controlled environment (thereby not posing any risk to the public), I had a 2023 Corvette stroll up alongside and issue a challenge. I suppose, from the rumble rumble emanating from the back of my car, he deduced I wasn’t running a stock setup. Normally, I don’t entertain unsanctioned activity, but it’s not everyday that one gets a chance to run against a 75k+ purpose-built sports coup (plus, it’s nice to run into someone who understands what we have for a change, as most people just dismiss our cars as an Impala), so I decided why not…good taste ought to be rewarded.

Anyways, said run was about 1/4 mile and my Cap hung with the Vette literally the ENTIRE way. I could only imagine his surprise in seeing a 4500 lb. four door attached to his side while at WOT the whole way down…and I’m by no means the most powerful of us running around out here in the wild. He ended up taking the last 10 feet…by the skin of his front facia. And all that in NORMAL mode…no sport/performance mode, launch technique, etc. In a much-appreciated gesture, he gave much respect and thanks. I lost, but at least it was graceful, and the Cap’s street cred was bumped up a few points.

Simply put, less than 0.25 seconds separated a 75k+ machine from a 3.5k (plus 11k buildout) one. These cars are truly something special and respond VERY well to power/performance adders. IMHO, they easily rank amongst the best, most capable sedans ever built! :D
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