Backup applied to forum - 7/1

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Backup applied to forum - 7/1

Post by elc32955 »

Hi folks,

Well we had another incident to where I had to request a forum backup be applied to get us back working. I was working on a new extension module to us (the Inactive User Module) and configuring it for use with the system. Well, I got all the email's reworded, but when it came test time the module spit out a few email's and then seized up the forum system tighter then a load of Portland Cement! Nothing I tried to fix the problem worked, so I erred on the side of caution and just had the webhost do a reload from the last full system backup.

I don't do these things lightly, however it was either a restore from the last good backup or try to engage a new system developer on a holiday week on an emergency basis. So, anything from just after 6 PM on July 1 until about 10 PM is now in the ether and should be reposted if necessary. Thanks to our webhost for getting us back & running in short order!! And that particular module is now Persona Non Grata on this forum system. Some modules are coded more robustly then others.....

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Re: Backup applied to forum - 7/1

Post by JoeR »

Thanks for all you do on this. I hate that it's been giving you so much trouble lately.
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